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Sun dried tomato infused whole wheat bread

This recipe infuses the awesome flavor of sun-dried tomatoes into a healthy, fibre rich whole wheat flour. I used a stand mixer for making dough but if you prefer your own hands or any other food processor, go for it!!

You can eat this bread with any kind of relish or topping guilt free because there is no egg, no butter, no complex sounding ingredients which sometimes honestly I cannot even pronounce. So hope you make it or try it . … recipe video below:


Grilled Vegetarian Pesto Sandwich!

A sandwich which is not only easy to assemble, but is nutritious too. I have used my homemade pesto sauce(made with toasted pine nuts, olive oil, basil leaves, salt, garlic, lemon juice), you can also use store bought one.

Ingredients: Bread Slices (whole wheat or Sourdough), olive oil, crushed black pepper, bell peppers(capsicum) cut into slices( you can also use zucchini slices), mozzarella cheese(slices or shredded), Pesto sauce, salt to taste


Tools used: Panini press or any sandwich maker, baking pan


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Corn Muffins!

These muffins are my son’s favorite these days. They embody goodness of corn and cranberries. Baking needs all the ingredients to be measured accurately and so today I will be adding it in the post.

I usually use muffin molds, but you can use whatever shape you have at home

Ingredients: Organic corn meal- 2cups, fresh corn kernels – 1 cup, whole wheat flour – 1 cup, organic dried cranberries – ½ cup, 2% organic milk – 1 cup, vegetable oil – 1/2 cup, organic cane sugar – 1/2 cup, salt – 1bsp, baking soda – 2tsp, 1 egg, cornstarch – 2tsp


Tools used: Whisk, spatula, mixing bowl, silicon baking molds (or grease a metal mold), ice-cream scoop(yes, that’s right!)


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